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What is detailing?

Detailing involves cleaning and bringing back the shine and gloss to the car's paintwork, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tyres as well as all other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle.
Different detailers use different products and techniques to do this.
Products include but are not limited to detergents, acid free degreasers, detail clay, waxes, polishes, and a variety of applicators, brushes and special plush drying towels. The main components of exterior car detailing are preparation, the right polishes, and protecting.
Cleaning refers to the removal of all foreign surface particles from exterior surfaces through the use of the right products for your vehicle, water and washing and claying. A clay bar helps to remove all contamination/dirt from the surface and embedded particles in the clearcoat that cannot be removed through washing such as bugs, tar, sap, overspray, etc.

Polishing (Paint Correction) refers to using specific polishing pads (Foam, Wool or Microfiber) to remove microns of clear coat from a vehicle in order to remove fine scratches, swirls marks, oxidation and other imperfections from a surface produced from improper washing techniques, drying techniques and other possible causes. Polishing can be achieved by hand or machine.

Here at waxworks we cover two areas of detailing:
We wash the vehicle using correct procedures and enhance the appearance of the vehicle by using machine polisher eliminating some light swirls and scratches.

Ceramic Protection detail
As above including decontamination process, machine polish to remove defects and refine the paint, wipe down with IPA to remove any oils or waxes followed by two coats of SiRamiKs SC-15 to paintwork, exterior plastics and wheels giving up to 3 years protection.
This is unit only due to temperature  the application and curing process.